This week we had the pleasure to meet Nicole Austin (General Manager and Distiller for Gorge Dickel). Some of you may know who she is and some may not, but let me tell you she is as down-to-earth as they get. I was able to kidnap her for a few minutes and talk to her about a unique release that we received called Cascade Moon. Now you can look up a bottle online and read about it and its uniqueness... but hearing the real dirt of the story is totally different. In-person, you get to hear the "why". It really was a great experience. She had no problems answering all of our questions as we sipped on her Award winning George Dickel 8-year bourbon, along with their Barrel Select. Both are very delicious creations. A Big Thank You to Nicole for taking time out of her busy schedule to come to meet us and autograph some bottles and more Bourbon Book!!! I am forever grateful!!